How to manage your Advertisements

Last updated on 16/06/2020 08:37 in Advertisement Support
Posted By Stathis

How to Manage your advertisements by using our application:

Step 1: open the Offermio app and login.
Step 2: Go to your Account by clicking on the top right profile picture logo.
Step 3: Click on Advertisement list.

On the advertisement list you can see the advertisements you have created:
A green dot on the top right of your Advertisements indicates that your advertisement is live and visible on the advertisement wall.
A red dot means your advertisement has expired and is not visible on the advertisement wall untill you reorder it or create a new advertisement.

What does reorder do?
We have created the reorder button, so it's easier for you to use the same advertisement after it originally expired. This saves you time, because you don't have to create a whole new advertisement. By simply clicking on reordering you get the same advertisement up and running in seconds!

Post date / time meaning?
Here you can see the date and time of when you have originally posted your advertisement.

Expiration time meaning?
Here you can see how many time is left on your running advertisement untill it expires and it turns invisible on the advertisement wall.

How to edit your advertisement?
Simply click on the edit button, to be redireted in the screen to adjust your running advertisement. This works the same as placing an Advertisement, with all the same options available.
Side note: if you have created an advertisement without a push notification, it is not possible to edit this while your advertisement is live. Please wait till your advertisement expires and then create a complete new one if you want to enable the Push Notification option! 

Do you have trouble managing your advertisements and need some help? No problem, use the --link-- to open a ticket about Manage Advertisements and our Offermio Staff is happy to provide assistance! Make sure to select the Category Advertisement Support.

** The time is base on America/New_York timezone