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Last updated on 16/06/2020 04:14
Posted By Stathis

Hi there,

Thank you for being so kind to read this article first. To provide assistance as good as possible, we will provide some information on how to create a ticket:

-Make sure that you use the same email adress that you registered with if you contact us regarding any account information. For general questions, we will be happy to assist you no matter what.

-Make sure that you've read the article regarding your question, if available of course. This already should help you resolve the problem within minutes! If not, no problem just create a ticket by using the link in the article or at the top right side of your screen.

-Please be so generous to provide us with the correct category, so we are sure that the right Offermio Support Member will contact you and resolve your problem to the best of his / her expertise.

-When an article asks you to provide additional information in written text, try to put in some effort when giving a brief description. This is very good for the communication between us and we will make sure that we will put in even more effort!

-If you don't need any further help, you have the option to close your ticket yourself. It would be appreciated if you can inform the support agent when you are about to close the ticket, but this is not mandatory.  

We from the Offermio Support Team appreciate that you took the time to read this article. 

We will promise to do everything in our power to deliver Service Excellence.

Happy days.

The Offermio Support Team

** The time is base on America/New_York timezone