What is Push Notification and how does it work

Last updated on 17/06/2020 03:20 in Application Support
Posted By Stathis

In this article we will explain our push notification for both Offermio Followers and Offermio Businesses.

Also we will share information about what the benefits are:

Push Notification for Followers:
In your account, at the bottom, you can find the option Enable/Disable Push Notifications. By enabling this option, you will receive notifications when you are close to a company that is advertising about a category that you are interested in. This is purely based on your advertisement preferences. By enabling the push notifications you are certain you will never miss am advertisement when you are outside and by getting informed you also have to way less time on searching for a product or service. How convenient!

Push Notification for Businesses.
If you are about to post an advertisement, you can opt in during the post an advertisement screen for our special feature "Push Notification". By enabling this option on your advertisement, any customer that is following the category you are in, will receive a message when they are close to your company! This way you will get customers in the store that are actually interested and looking for what you are offering and of course its needless to say this will improve your sale changes immensely.

If you have any questions regarding our Push Notification, feel free to open a ticket here and set the category to Application Support. Our own IT team will answer those questions specially for you!

** The time is base on America/New_York timezone