The Offermio Advertisement Wall (IOS)

Last updated on 18/06/2020 03:58 in Application Support
Posted By Stathis

The Offermio Advertisement Wall?

Yes, the Offermio Advertisement Wall!

In this article we will discuss what this is and how to use it to it's fullest. It will be both explained for IOS and Android. This article is for the IOS explanation:

Oeps, you have an Android phone? Then don't read further and click hereto get redirected to the Android Article regarding the Advertisement Wall

Step 1: Login to our application with your own credentials that you've chosen when you registered at Offermio.

Step 2: You've made it to the Advertisement Wall!

                Basically this is the place to be if you want to browse through all the offers out there! All the advertisement based on the Advertisement                 Preferences that you've selected, will be shown here. No longer do you need to use the internet with 8 different browsers to find what                 you are looking for, it's all in 1 app now! 

Now let's discuss all the options available on the advertisement wall:

-Offermio Logo (Located top Left); this will bring you immediately to your Advertisement Preferences. Want to learn more about Advertisement Preferences and how to set them to your personal interests? Please click here to go to the article "Advertisement Preferences".

-Funnel Icon (Located top Right); there our current filters to narrow down your search on the advertisement wall. At the moment you can set the following things:

                                    -Country: this will display all available advertisements in a specific country. Fun if you are going on a holiday and want to check                                     out the offers over there for example!

                                    -Maximum Price: this option can be enabled or disabled by using the blue icon next to the text "Maximum Price (EUR)". By using                                     the blue balls (most left ball for lowest price and most right ball for highest price) and drag them on the blue line, you can                                     narrow down your search by using a minimum price and maximum price.

                                    -Nearby Search Area(K); this works the same as the maximum price, but this is about the distance of the offer vs your own                                     location. So once again, by clicking on the blue icon next to the Nearby Search Area (K) text you can enable                                     or disable this filter. With the 2 blue balls (most left ball for minimum distance and most right ball for                                     maximum distance) you can set a distance that you are willing to travel for that offer with a current                                     maximum of 20km from your current location!

-Home button (Located Bottom Left); here you get redirected to the Advertisement Wall if you are at the Profile Section for example.

-Account button (Located Bottom Right); by clicking there you will go into your own Offermio Account. Here you can your advertisement preferences or even post an advertisement if you have an Offermio Business account. To learn more about the Account section, please click here to go the article explaining everything about the Account section for IOS.

We have now discussed all the available options on the advertisement wall for IOS!

Do you have any questions about the Advertisement Wall on IOS suggestions for improvements. Our Offermio IT team is ready to respond! Please click here to open a ticket and set the category to Application Support.

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