Advertisement Preferences (IOS)

Last updated on 16/06/2020 08:45 in Application Support
Posted By Stathis

Hoerayy, be gone you Junk Spam Advertisements!

When we created our application, the only thought we had was how to get rid of all the spam advertisements. Well that's why we created at Offermio the Advertisement Preferences. Also we divided everything that can be offered in main categories, like transportation or building for example. Those main categories are then divided in smaller categories, to keep everything visible! In this article we will discuss how to find your Advertisement Preferences and how to set those, for both IOS and Android. 

IOS Explanation:

There are 2 ways to find your advertisement preferences:

1. By going to your Advertisement Wall and click on the Offermio Icon (located top left of your screen). Advertisement whattt? In case you don't know what the Advertisement Wall is, please click here to go to the Article "Advertisement Wall (IOS)" and see for yourself what it is.

2. By going to your Account and click on the text "Advertisement Preferences". Your Account is also easily accessed and contains more options then just setting your Advertisement Preferences. If you want to read about your Offermio Account, please click here here to go to the Article "Offermio Account (Android)" and check it out.

After using one of the two ways as described above, you are inside the Advertisement Preferences now.

Let's explain the first 4 buttons, in the colors Red and Blue:

Follow All / Unfollow All: with this option you can select or deselect all the main categories and the smaller categories underneath it. This is an easy way if you want to refresh your current Advertisement Preferences and then reset them to your likings.

Follow View / Unfollow View: with this option you can select or deselect all the current categories you are looking at. So for example if you click on the Transportation category (the picture, not the text following) you will be going deeper in the Transportation Category and new categories will appear. By pressing Following View you automatically follow all the categories you are currently seeing ("viewing...") on your screen inside that category. By pressing unfollowing view, the opposite happens. 

Then it's time to choose what you like! If you find a main category or sub category interesting and you want to receive offers of companies about those topics on your Advertisement wall, then simply click on Follow. You guessed it right, if you don't want to see any offers about this specific category then just click unfollow again. As already described you can enter a Category by clicking on the picture, this will bring you into one of the sub categories of the category that you clicked on. 

Good luck selecting what you want to see, fortunately you can change your preferences wherever and whenever you like! If you have any questions about our Advertisement Preferences or want to see more categories included, please feel free to open a ticket here so our Offermio IT Team contacts you as soon as possible! Make sure to set the category to Application Support.

** The time is base on America/New_York timezone