My Orders / View Order History

Last updated on 16/06/2020 08:24 in Orders Support
Posted By Stathis

So you are the one minding the financials?

Good, let's proceed with our article "My Orders / View Order History". 

In this article we will tell you how to find My Orders (Android) or View Order History (IOS). There we go:

Step 1: Login on your device while using your own chosen credentials. 

Step 2: For Android -> Click on the Top right Profile Picture Icon to be directed to your account. 

                For IOS -> Click on the Buttom Right Account button to be directed to your account.

Step 3: Click on My Orders (Android only) or View Order History (IOS only).

Et voila, you've found the section to view your Orders!

When you have clicked on My orders or View Order History, you will inside of this section. Whenever you create an advertisement, an Order recipe gets created. Without having to click on the View Details button you can easily see your Order ID of the specific advertisement you've placed, when it's placed, if it's still active and the amount of money that got paid. By clicking on View Details you will go inside a specific order to find even more information about this! 

If you have any questions or problems regarding one of your orders, please click here to open a ticket and get assisted by our Offermio Order Team. Make sure that you set the category in the ticket to Orders Support and the most important thing: Tell us your Order ID number if you have a question about a specific order. You may understand that if you don't tell us your Order ID, that it will take longer for us to answer any question you may have.

** The time is base on America/New_York timezone