Offermio Follower Account (IOS)

Last updated on 18/06/2020 03:57 in Account Support
Posted By Stathis

Hello Offermio Follower,

If we didn't say this yet, welcome! At this Article we will discuss all the available options in your account and how to find your account inside your Offermio IOS App.

First let us describe how to go to your account:

1. Login on your Offermio App using your own credentials. Yes, the username and password you've selected when you registered.

2. Click on the Profile button (located on the Bottom side Right)

Well done, you've found your Offermio Account!

Now let us explain all the different options:

-Profile Picture: On the top of the screen there is an empty picture and to personalise your account, you can set your own profile picture. 

-Settings Top Right on the Profile Picture section: Here you can find 2 filters; currency and language. Keep in mind that changing the language, only changes the language of the application and not the advertisements! Also here you can enable or disable the push notification setting, to receive messages when you are near a company that has posted an advertisement in one of the categories that you are following. Enable this setting to have the best Offermio experience.

-Advertisement Preferences: If you are done creating and managing your advertisements, you can also browse all the other active advertisements based on your Advertisement Preferences. To find out how to exactly set your advertisement preferences, please click here to get redirected to the "Advertisement Preferences (IOS)" Article.

-Edit Account Info: All the information that you filled in when you registered and can be edited, can be found here. Please use this if you want to change your address for example.

-Change your password: by clicking on this option, you are allowed to change your password. Make sure to remember your password, otherwise you will never be able to login again! That is a joke, of course. If you can't login, because you forgot your password you can find an option at the same screen to retrieve your password. How convenient.

-Address Book: A book full with.... depends if you have many friends or not!

-Privacy Policy: at Offermio we care about your privacy. That's why we created rules for us and for you, to keep everyone their privacy like how it is suppose to be. Private.

-Help: Oh no, you have a question and you can't answer it yourself? Just click on the Help and you will be redirected to the support system where we are at now!

If you have any questions related to your account, please click here to open a ticket. Make sure to set the category to Application Support, so the right Offermio Team Members will assist you further!

** The time is base on America/New_York timezone