Offermio Business Account (Desktop)

Last updated on 18/06/2020 04:19 in Desktop Support
Posted By Stathis

Great you managed to register and now you want to use your account!

Oeps, you haven't registered yet? No worries, click here to learn everything about how to register on our website by using the article "How to register on Offermio while using a desktop.

So after you have registered on the website and used your Offermio Credentials to login, you will see the menu with all our options on the left side of your screen. We will discuss them one by one:

-My Account:                                    Here you can see all the information you filled on the register template and edit this information when needed.                                                             When you change addresses for example.

-Change Password:                        We recommend to change your password every 2 months, to keep everything safe!

-Post Advertisement:                    This is where you are able to create your advertisement within minutes. Add a video or pin yourself on the map,                                                             unlock the Push Notification option and create some amazing offers on our platform is what we suggest.

-Advertisement List:                     At this section you are able to see all the advertisements you have created and published. The active ones are                                                            shown with a green dot while the inactive ones are indicated with a red dot.

-Advertisement Preferences:     If you are done creating and managing your advertisements, you can also browse all the other active                                                            advertisements based on your Advertisement Preferences. 

-Order History:                              The Order History contains the invoices of the created advertisements. So the Advertisement is to manage your                                                           advertisements and the order history is the financial part of that.

-Privacy Policy:                             The Offermio Rules for dealing with your and our privacy has been stated in here.

-Help:                                              You will be redirected to our support sytem, which can be found at www.offermio.com/support

-Log out                                         You log yourself out of the Offermio Platform on the Desktop. May come in handy when you share your desktop                                                          with other people and you want to be sure your account is save when you are not on the desktop.

If you have any questions about your account on the Desktop, simply click here to contact us. Please be so kind to set the category to Desktop Support when you create a ticket!

** The time is base on America/New_York timezone