How to post (create) an advertisement on the desktop

Last updated on 18/06/2020 04:37 in Desktop Support
Posted By Stathis

Hello Offermio Business,

In this article we will share information about how you can create an advertisement while you are using a desktop. Please read our step by step instruction:

Step 1: go to www.offermio.com/login

Step 2: Login with your own credentials that you picked when you've registered at Offermio.

Step 3: When succesfully logged in, you see the main menu of your account on the left side. Press on Post Advertisement.

Well done, you are ready to create your advertisement.

Now let's proceed with how to make one:

Step 1: Select the Category that you want to advertise in. We have 11 main categories and every main category is divided in smaller categories. Not sure which category to pick or you forgot one of our amazing categories? No worries, we wrote everything down HEREEE about our Offermio Categories in the article "Offermio Categories". 

Step 2: Pick an Advertisement Title; it's wise to chose a title that relates with the product or service that you are offering. This way Offermio Followers can read what your offer is about! Something short and catchy, just a tip...

Step 3: Make your Advertisement Description; briefly describe here what your service or product offer contains! Also here we have to admit that a short well written text works better then a long story. But it's up to you!

Step 4: Set an Advertisement Price; how much is the offer that you are giving to the Offermio Followers worth? Maintain Fair prices and you will see that you attract more of our fantastic Offermio Followers.

Step 5: Image; here you can add pictures by using the blue symbol. Minimum of 1 is mandatory, with a current maximum of 3 pictures per advertisement.

Step 6: YouTube Link (Optional); this is for the real graphic artists. First we used to say "a picture says more then 1000 words", well just imagine what a video can say then!

Step 7: Push Price; this is for enabling our special feature "Push Notification". So when an Offermio Follower is following the category that you are advertising in, he / she will receive a notification on his phone when he / she is near your company! We can't guarantee 100% sales, but we can guarantee that if that person goes in your store, he is 100% interested in what you have to offer. You do the math on how that increases your sales opportunity. Want to read more about the Push Notification? You sure can by clicking here to open the Article "What is Push Notification and how does it work".

Step 8: Website URL; yes your website link. Put your website link there, if you wish so.

Step 9: Add Address for Map; luckily for you we are using a Google Maps to make your company even more visible and get directions even faster. Fill in your Company's address if you want to be found by our Offermio Followers.

Step 10: When you have done all the steps correctly, the Upload Advertisement Now! button should be clickable! Click on that button fo finish  creating your advertisement and to proceed to the checkout phase.

Do you have questions about this process or want to contact us about Posting an Advertisement, please click here to open a ticket. Please be so kind to set the Category to Desktop Support and our Offermio Support Team will contact you shortly to assist you!

** The time is base on America/New_York timezone