Problems at the Checkout (Payments)

Last updated on 17/06/2020 06:51 in Payments Support
Posted By Stathis

Hi there,

In case you experience any problem during the checkout when you've created an advertisement, we are here to assist you! Let's start with some general information:

-Double Payments can't be made in our system. Do you think you've paid twice for the same advertisement? Please open a ticket here and set the category to Payments Support. Please include the following: The date + time when the double transaction appeared and the Order ID of the advertisement. This can be found in your account -> My Orders/ View My Orders (click here if you need help to find My Orders / View My Orders)

-After you've created an advertisement and paid at the checkout, this advertisement will always be visible in your Advertisement List and in My Orders / View My Orders. If for some reason, you don't see your advertisement after succesfully creating and paying for the advertisement, inform us then by opening a ticket here and set the category to Payments Support. Also include the following: Date + Time you've created the advertisement, the chosen Advertisement Title, the total amount of money you've paid and which payment method you've used. 

If you experience any other problems while trying to pay for an advertisement, please inform us by opening a ticket here. Make sure to describe briefly where the problem occured, on what platform you tried to pay (IOS, Android or Desktop) and on what category you were trying to post your advertisement. After receiving your ticket, the Offermio Payments Team will contact you as soon as possible!

** The time is base on America/New_York timezone