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We are happy that you found this article, because this will make your life easier if you have doubts on what Category you want to be listed with your Company. Here we will discuss the current available Categories and we will update this Article also with news like new upcoming categories.

First some general information that you might find usefull:

-If you advertise in one of the main categories (level 1) you will be more visible to Offermio Followers then if you advertise in one of the sub categories. Of course the price for being in a main category is slightly higher, but still way cheaper then online advertisement slots in general!

-All our categories have a preset duration and pricing. This means that if you create an advertisement, that the duration of being visible on the advertisement and the price that you have to pay is depending on what category you picked. So for example if you advertise in Transportation (level 1) your advertisement will be visible for 2 weeks and that only for 150 euro's. If you pick Motors as sub category of the Transportation category (Motors is level 3) your advertisement will be visible for a day and it only costs 10 euro. Very convenient if you want to get rid of specific stock.

-Not all the categories that we have created are online right now and some haven't been imagined yet, let's be honest. If you have suggestions on including specific categories, we would love to hear from you! Great idea's will be rewarded, that's a promise. If you have one, just open a ticket here and set the category to Any Other Questions. Our Offermio Support Team will look into it and will get back to you as soon as possible

Please check out the Offermio main categories:

                                                                Summary                                    Duration:                                            Pricing

Transportation:                               about transports                           2 weeks                                            100 eu per 2 weeks.

Building:                                            etc                                                       etc                                                        etc

Technology:                                      etc                                                       etc                                                        etc

Auto-Motive:                                     etc                                                       etc                                                        etc

Household & Gardens:                  etc                                                       etc                                                        etc

Sports:                                               etc                                                       etc                                                        etc

Clothing:                                            etc                                                       etc                                                        etc

Food & Drinks:                                 etc                                                       etc                                                        etc

Now let's see all the sub categories per main category:


** The time is base on Europe/London timezone